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Obligations Muslim Owe to Quran.

The pathetic and disastrous condition of the Muslim Ummah throughout the world is due to the abandoning of the Holy Quran by the Muslims. The attitude of indifference that we constantly show towards the last of the Allahs Revelations, along with our hypocritical lip-service, is tantamount to ridiculing it. Instead, we must clearly understand our responsibilities towards the Holy Quran and try our very best in fulfilling them. We can neither expect any improvement in our worldly state of affairs nor hope for salvation in the Hereafter, unless we carry out all the obligations that we owe to the Quran.

The Quran makes five demands from every Muslim, which are as follows:

  1. A Muslim is required to believe in the Quran;
  2. He is required to read it;
  3. He is required to understand it;
  4. He is required to act upon its teachings;
  5. He is required to convey its teachings to others.

The central axis and pivot of the Muslim Ummah is the Holy Quran. It is the Divine Revelation that provides the Muslims with a unifying source of guidance, consolidating them in the form of a singular force despite all their secondary differences and minor disagreements. The evil of sectarianism, therefore, can only be done away with the sword of the Quran. This is because human beings who have a common goal tend to unite and associate with each other. People with similar interests, ambitions, and priorities are automatically attracted towards each other. No artificial effort or external coercion is needed to unite them. Since the Holy Quran is common to all of the various sects, it has a tremendous potential for uniting them together. If we succeed in making the Holy Quran the center and nucleus of our lives, then all strife, disharmony, and sectarianism will disappear from the ranks of the Ummah. Insha Allah.

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